How Responsive Design Affects Your SEO

Responsive Web Design

Is your website mobile friendly?

As of April 21st, 2015, websites that are not mobile friendly will be penalized in Google searches on mobile devices. However, websites that are mobile friendly will receive a boost in their search engine ranking. Ranking high on Google is the name of the game. In online marketing, your quest is to be on the first page.

Google’s goal is to keep mobile searches relevant by only displaying websites that are compatible with smartphones. Imagine if you searched for “Dentist” on your mobile phone and the first result went to a website that did not load, is difficult to read, or troublesome to navigate. If the first result took you to one of these mobile unfriendly sites, you would be much more likely to leave the page. Simply put, Google wants their mobile search results to direct you to websites that actually work on your phone.

Google released a free tool to analyze your website. Enter your URL to preform the test. Test your site now.

If your site failed the test, there’s still time to preform the necessary tweaks and updates. Some solutions are quick and simple while others may be as extensive as a full rebuild. Contact us today for a free consultation.