Graphic Design & PRINT

Print and graphic design, the original means of recorded mass communication, remains the most accessible and enduring way to let many people discover, and remember, information they need. Nothing is more valuable than a well-planned campaign revolving around an eye-catching logo, print ad or brochure.

Our attractive, full-color print materials lend permanence to marketing plans. When the computer is switched off, or changed from browser to another program, the printed literature remains. When the tv is on the ball game, or switched off, the brochure is still convenient, dedicated to its purpose. When the person who got the material leaves the room, someone else picks it up, and the message spreads.


Logo Design

The graphic element of a trademark or brand is a time and cost-effective treatise. It conveys, in an attention-drawing figure that enhances text or image, all of the experiences the viewer has had with the company and products or services it stands for.

Graphic Design/Layout

Text and images presenting information or promoting a message can instantly overwhelm readers and may stop them from even beginning to consider the material. Using effective principles of design, whether on tangible media or digitally, the same information can invite viewers to participate. Media Quest knows the difference and the principles that make that difference.

Printing Services

Media Quest provides printing services including business cards and brochures. We have quantity options priced on par with color digital printing, but with superior offset quality.

Concept Art & Illustration

Drawings, paintings and photographs stress conceptual ideas. Done well, the image signals competence, reliability and excellence. Media Quest does graphic visualization well.

Our Portfolio

If you want to see some of our work, click the link below.