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You decided to amp up your business and searched online for someone to help. Your own media quest led you to us.

Why us? Media Quest knows how to get the attention of the right people. Our online marketing got your attention. We’ll get attention for you, too.

Word processing is not typing. Email is not postal correspondence.

Online marketing is not your grandfather’s advertising.

Full-page newspaper ads cannot tell you exactly how many people opened the paper and put their eyeballs directly on your ad. More importantly, you cannot directly target your customers. Ads in newspapers reach a wide range of viewers and most ignore upcoming sales on tractors or computer parts.

Online marketing equips us to target only those potential customers interested in your product. At the end of the traditional advertising day, you have an invoice but no true insight into how well your ad preformed. Online marketing grants the power to make effective, efficient promotional decisions that make your business more money.

Media Quest uses online marketing tools to target customers actively searching for your products or services. We narrow in on the exact demographic likely to make a purchase, eliminating the guesswork in delivering effective advertisements.

With analytics, we identify the most valuable potential customers, the ones that buy your kind of products and services. At the end of each marketing campaign, we study the reports and determine which ad preformed the best, then make modifications to further increase how many view the ad vs. how many make a purchase … the conversion rate.

In the digital age where your customers live and work, everything changes rapidly. Online marketing allows us to keep you ahead of the curve, delivering timely advertisements. In the 21st century, timeliness is money.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether via computer or smart mobile device, almost all of your customers find you online, or they find someone else there. Media Quest uses SEO to ensure that your business is visible on all major search engines … Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

SEO increases your website’s ranking in search engine results. Most people doing a search explore just the first two pages of results. If your business has not properly optimized your website for search engines, your website will not rank on the first two pages. Having a low rank translates to low revenue. We specialize in boosting your website’s rankings using all industry best practices.

We temper our research with experience and we confirm both with frequent testing of the data.

Digital Ads

How many times a day do your customers see your expensive, stationary billboard each day? Once when going to or coming from work during their commutes? A few minutes after passing a sign, a person looks at their cellphone and forgets the expensive billboard.

Mobile devices put the 21st century equivalent of billboards in your target demographic’s sight many times per day, every day. Media Quest discovers the most frequent and relevant keywords customers use for their online searches. We then tailor content and creative ads that trigger off of those keywords. Our digital marketing team increases your web traffic through the use of AdWords and Social Media Ads.

From Google to Facebook, YouTube to Hulu, Media Quest positions your online presence to pay off.

Analytics & Reporting

How many people visit your website each month? Which demographic most frequently purchases from your online store? How long did each visitor look at a page? What is your top-preforming marketing channel? Analytics sifts through the data of each user interaction with your website. Media Quest assesses the performance of your website and delivers reports, bi-weekly or monthly, giving you insights the performance of your website.

You probably already know who you want to reach, and have some idea of who you are reaching, but many businesses discover through our online audience analysis that there are some demographics they weren’t expecting. When you find a new, unexpected audience, you can expand and enhance your marketing, and perhaps even your goods and services, to better satisfy them. Audience reports address user location, gender, special interests, age range, and more. When you know your audience, you know your direction.

Content Generation & Marketing

People online today crave relevant, consistent content. Generating effective content is time consuming and requires more than just a creative touch. Even as search engines constantly change the rules for ranking, relevant content remains the golden rule of the algorithms.

The content creators at Media Quest develop websites, graphics, written copy, videos, and marketing strategies with the philosophy that marketing comes first. The goal of everything we do is to increase your sales. We help build trust between your business and your customers. We encourage them to return to your business as their source of information.

All day, every day, Media Quest produces original, timely marketing content in blogs, info-graphs, emails, videos, social media memes and more.

Social Media ManagEment

Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp … social media allows your customers to interact with your business on the platforms they use daily. People who follow your social media accounts like your products and services, but they come to love your company when you engage them with useful, interesting content. Your followers leave reviews or comments that encourage new potential buyers. You’ve heard of word-of-mouth. Social media ratchets word-of-mouth to the sky.

Today, ignoring or mishandling social media correlates to ignoring and mishandling your customers and clients. You build your brand with great products and service. Your fans build your brand by sharing their satisfaction with their friends and acquaintances online who may also benefit from what you do.

Website Optimization

When a potential customer lands on your website you want them to stay on it, make a purchase or sign up for one of your services. Unappealing websites drive viewers to exit the page without considering what you have to offer.

The best websites engage, navigate effortlessly and load fast. Media Quest offers website optimization packages to revamp your existing website design. We update the site with the best practices today and ensure that the website encourages visitors to act.

Most web users now browse on mobile devices. Many websites look awful on mobile and are hard to use. They may have the option to view the “full site” or “mobile” version, but neither option works smoothly. Media Quest develops all of our sites to be fully compatible for mobile and desktop browsing. If you have an existing website, we offer upgrade packages to upgrade your site to be mobile-friendly.


Conversion Testing

Conversion testing finds actual hard data to measure your online ROI when it comes to converting shoppers to buyers. Media Quest knows how to test multiple versions of your website to let your customers prove which method performs better and which works best.

You know you need to make changes to your site to reinforce purchase decisions, but where do you start? Your customers tell you they struggle with answering your call to action, but how do you streamline the process? With conversion testing, Media Quest finds out how your audience wants to be engaged and what holds their attention, increasing the time they commit to stay and explore your site.


Search Localization

The Internet goes around the globe, to every continent. Does your business really go there?

If not, that 100,000 visits you got may be 99,999 useless to you and to your potential customers. SEO localization focuses your message to target people in your active zone of influence.

But, maybe you’re a multinational with true global reach, but that one office in that one region is flagging and needs a boost. We implement SEO localization to spot-boost where you need it most.

Also note that, when you are the most-hit site in your area, that boosts your rankings in the search engines, pushing your brand to the top of the search results where two-thirds of all searchers click. That’s ROI and results in great conversion.



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