Video Production

On both TV and social media, nothing gets your message across as well as video.

Media Quest brings over 30 years of experience in conceptualizing, producing and distributing award-wining video content.

Our production team can generate ideas, write scripts, cast talent, record in studio or on location, edit and distributes your video content however you prefer.

See some of the results in our video portfolio…

Video Portfolio

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Whether you’re looking for a commercial, a documentary, or even a music video–if it’s video content, we can produce it.

As a bonus of working with a full-service agency, all of your content is tied together with consistent messaging and style (website, brochures, etc.).

When you’re ready to bring a message to customers and clients, bring it to Media Quest.

What We Do


Concept Consulting

To be seen as the first choice in your area for what you do, you’ll need strategic planning with concepts that attract your ideal audience.

Script Writing

Video scripts are not created equal. Media Quest scripting brings a narrative flow and uses persuasive marketing terms that affirm your company and snag the interest of viewers. Scripting clarifies your intention and makes production many times more efficient and effective.

Talent Acquisition

Nothing is more important than the presentation of your information and message. We network with a pool of talent to find only the ideal models, actors or voice overs. We put your best face forward for an excellent first impression and continuing presence.

Special Camera Motion

Our videographers have an eye for unique angles and expressive camera motion so your video will stand out. With cinematic shots in motion, we give your video a more film-like presentation and distinguish you from home movie and cell phone hobbyists.


Green Screen FXs

Our green screen special effects production provides top-of-the-line video without draining your wallet to cover the cost of elite location shoots. This effects technology enables the use of custom graphics as background for key talent and virtual “sets” as seen in films.

HD Digital Editing

Our edit suites are engineered to deliver full, high-definition video resolution. We supply the right format for your project from web to network broadcast. Non-linear editing brings precision and flexibility to the process of producing the best narrative for you.

Motion Graphics

Using motion graphics and images brings emphasis and energy to your message. Our artists bring a texture to your projects that subtly imply attention to detail and commitment to excellence without reducing the attention focused on your information.

3D Animation

When an eye-catching, simple video with minimum shooting and maximum marketing is the solution, Media Quest offers three-dimensional, computer-modeled animation. Our video artists take great pride in producing 3D animation videos that capture audience imaginations and promote your idea.




Media Quest supplies the resources needed to produce re-enactment video for legal and for informative, educational purposes. We provide any and all aspects from pre-production to post-production and distribution. We bring creative solutions and practical experience to your projects.

Music Videos

Your fans deserve the best. Combining videography, motion graphics and editing skills with special effects, we construct music videos that touch your audience and leave memorable impressions. Dynamic performances demand brilliant presentation to reach your current fans and recruit new ones.


We are film-making artists driven to tell stories. No fiction competes with an amazing, real-world story, and Media Quest produces organized and compelling documentary work. We monitor the latest video production trends to incorporate them with your information into impressive narrative documentaries.


Your biography video should be as legendary as your subject. Any combination of our scriptwriting, talent acquisition and production services tell your subject’s story in a way that engage viewers intellectually and leaves them emotionally invested. Even the smallest story may be epic.


Corporate Training

We present your company or organization’s values and methods, old and new, to fresh employees and veterans alike. With structured, professional training videos, we help you emphasize the key elements and necessities of your business process and culture.

Marketing Strategy

Media Quest focuses primarily on marketing strategy for business. Whether for television advertising, outdoor advertising, print advertising or web advertising, our emphasis is always based on marketing results. Between production tasks, we study the latest trends and techniques for you.



We understand that your products and services may be too complex to squeeze into a standard commercial. In such cases, a 30-minute infomercial may be the answer to selling your products. These can be loaded on your website to leverage your placement budget.

Trade Show

Presentation videos prove time and again to be the most important trade show tool. Our team excels at creating persuasive presentations. We design the presentation to match existing site imagery and themes, or provide graphic design that unifies all booth elements.




We understand the importance of legal videos and carefully edit, transcribe, add captions and improve audio clarity to videos that will be used in courts of law. Our experience means our product is reliable and our reputation is secure, spotless and professional.

Insurance Videos

Media Quest maintains a professional, reliable staff, making us perfect for documenting your valuables for an inventory insurance video. Crime and natural disasters present material headaches on top of other injury for the unprepared and we offer an elegant solution to the confusion.

Video Photo Albums

Capture your special moments for all time with a video photo album. Photos and digital images are easy to misplace or lose. Media Quest can do more than preserve your images on DVD or video, we consolidate your images into one, orderly presentation.

Political Campaigns

Media Quest knows the ropes of political persuasion and candidate marketing, and understands how a message will be perceived. Campaign communications demand close attention to detail combined with evocative expression of leadership intangibles. We make message move audiences to action.

Our Portfolio

See more of our work in web, video, marketing and print at the link below.