Counselors On Demand Promo

Counselors On Demand Video Still

We love making solutions to problems. There are few media challenges greater than introducing a new business to a prospective market … but, even more, introducing a new company with a new concept for business. Our client needed to get a lot of conceptual information across in a relatively short amount of time, retaining viewer attention throughout. One of the best ways to do this is an animated info-graphic video.

The client provides innovative, around-the-clock access to busy professionals looking for the benefits of counseling to help maintain and upgrade their personal performance. We developed a logo with a busy professional dashing across the face of a click, limbs representing clock hands covering the entire spectrum of a day. We found just the right words to explain the idea in the manageable time allowed and secured just the right voice to lay down the narration. Graphics came up with iconic elements that Edit combined with the voice-over, resulting in a nicely-paced presentation suitable for web as well as event presentations.


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June 26, 2015