Counselors On Demand

Counselors On Demand is a great new company dedicated to providing personal and tailored counseling services and whose mission is to promote self-care world wide.

At Counselors On Demand you pick the counselor, the time, and the place you want to meet. You can choose to go jogging together, meet in a park, or sit down at your favorite coffee shop near your home or office.

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The Design Process


Project Outline

Counselors On Demand came to us for a complete re-branding, including a new name, logo, and a website. This post will only focus on the website portion of the project.

After completing the logo design, we began designing a new website to be launched along with their new brand. Our clients wanted a modern, colorful design that looks great on mobile devices.

The main feature of their new site is their advanced, user-friendly booking utility that lets you easily schedule an appointment with the Counselor of your choice. Also, you can easily which times are available.

A soothing, and familiar design

We knew that Counselors On Demand wanted a design that promotes a comfortable, friendly atmosphere that reflects the counselors personalities. For this reason we chose a color palette with soothing blues.

Complete mobile-friendly browsing

We know how important a mobile friendly website is in this day and age. We built Counselors On Demand using the latest standards in responsive design. We put every effort into making a seamless mobile experience on every device.

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