Vehicle Wrapping for Wellness Pointe

No need to limit your message to one location. The modern billboard travels alongside you on the road. You already own the platform – it’s your vehicle, vinyl wrapped with a creative ad.

Advertisements zoom past us on the sides of buses, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. Other times we zoom past a parked van that lets us know about the new business in the plaza. Bonus points if we stop and shop or eat there.

Techniques and principles of outdoor advertising hold true when it comes to wrapping vehicles. Whether the purpose is to raise awareness or increase business opportunities, clever wording and fun images attract the attention of commuters.

Our recent project for Wellness Pointe of Longview is an example of a campaign designed to help raise awareness. The first wrap displays the organization name, a relevant statistic on HIV, and a promotion – free testing, and contact information. The second wrap was designed to raise awareness of the Wellness Pointe brand.

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Media Quest offers vehicle wrapping and much more. Check out our Print & Graphics services.

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