Triple Threat Marketing Tactics

Look for a clinical definition of marketing and you’ll find far more than you need. It’s quite simple, really. Marketing is getting your target consumers to buy your products, not the goods and services of others.

In the battle to win the hearts and wallets of your primary consumers, you need your army, your navy and your air force.

First Threat: Be Specific

Give clear and precise orders to your target audience. Announcing your phone number and assuming someone will call is weak. Tell them to call the number. Increase target penetration by repeating why they must call the number. “Call 555-123-4567 now for a free report on improving your life.”

Second Threat: Be Uniform

Keep your orders consistent. Every time your target sees, hears and reads your marketing, they must develop one overwhelming concept of your purpose. Every unit of your marketing material needs to have corresponding image and sound that deliver the same strike again and again.

Your unique logo (not something your client has already seen on their own cookie-cutter website or business card) and distinctive slogan needs to be on everything you use:

  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Invoices
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Signature
  • Letterhead

Third Threat: Keep It Coming

Once you start launching your marketing messages, keep the pressure on with repeated and continuous strikes. Drive the point home like a nail, and keep the lid nailed down. Never allow a potential customer to think you were a one-hit-wonder because they saw you once and not again, or that you have met an untimely end because of a perceived silence after a long campaign.

You do not go into the battlefield of getting the attention of customers to lose, and you only win when you play for keeps. You must outlast your targets’ reluctance to change and spend, and you must keep the noises made by competitors from catching your customers’ attention.

Hit them from the airwaves by television and radio. Hit them from the ground with print assaults on the Internet and in newspapers and magazines. Leave them no avenue of escape in billboards or their mailboxes.

Situation Report

Message Clearly Defined? Check.

Message Stays Uniform and Unconfused? Check.

Message Striking on All Front and At All Hours? Check.

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